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Tea of the month October 2021: Maskeliya Dimbula Black Tea

Black Tea

Dimbula black tea is a high-grown Sri Lankan tea that comes from an estate in Maskeliya that prides itself on their commitment to their employees and the environment. Every employee, regardless of their position, is a stakeholder in the company.

Producing a mellow and strong cup of tea with hints of jasmine and cypress, Dimbula black tea can be enjoyed with milk and sugar or without. It has a beautiful golden-orange color in the cup and an even more beautiful aroma.

Brewing: 212ºF Boiling water Steep for 1-5 minutes

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While I have heard of it, I cannot say I have ever tried milk with tea. What does milk bring to the cup as far as flavor goes? Is it usually done with whole milk, skim or does that even matter?

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Neat. Good to know, Thanks!

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