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Tea of the Month November 2022: Cocoa Coffee Puer Tea

November 2022 Tea of the Month: Cocoa Coffee Puer Tea

Urza or Mishra? Coffee or Tea? November will be forcing us to pick sides, so we're making that a little easier by melding two of them!

Kerala cocoa nibs, Ethiopian green coffee beans, and Puer tea combine to create a bold and lightly sweet cup that is part coffee and part tea. This is a well-balanced and unique cup of tea (or coffee?) that should surprise and delight even the most hardened fans of either, or both!

Now for a little extra treat: We will be including a proxy of The Power 9 or dual lands in every November box! No need to drop $999 for a slim chance at one. We normally do not promote or include proxies, but these are meant to be fun and a little tongue-in-cheek given current events.

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