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Teas of the Month September 2022: Green Ilam Black Tea and Jungpana Darjeeling

September 2022 Teas of the Month: Green Ilam Black Tea and Jungpana Darjeeling

The first Tap For Tea split card! Uniting Nepal and India for Dominaria United, we are featuring two teas from both sides of the Himalayan Mountains. Green Ilam Black Tea from Ilam Estate located in the high mountains of Nepal, nestled among the snow covered peaks, this tea is crafted by true masters and has a lot of the characteristics of neighboring Darjeeling teas from India. Medium-bodied and sweet with notes of muscat grape. A rare treat!

Jungpana Darjeeling from the highly esteemed Jungpana Estate in Darjeeling, India sitting at 1000-1500 meters above sea level in one of the most remote and difficult terrains in the entire region. There are no roads, so all of the tea is carried out by hand. This is one of the highest grades of Darjeeling tea produced and it produces a full-bodied cup with notes of peach, dates, and muscat grape.

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