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Tea(s) of the Month December 2021: Puer Tuo Chas and Fuding White Pearl

With the holidays approaching, who doesn't like unwrapping things? Orzhov will be making an appearance in your December box with two Puer tuo chas and a Fuding white pearl. These are compressed teas and contain a lot of tea once steeped.

Puer Tuo Cha - This compressed tea cake is a shou or "ripened" black tea that produces a rich, dark, deep, and woody/earthy cup. Puer has a long history and is a highly prized tea. It was originally fermented and compressed to withstand long journeys. A single tuo cha can be brewed in up to 48oz. of water producing about 8 6oz. cups of tea, and be re-steeped a number of times and the flavor will change and evolve each time. They can also be broken up before brewing to brew a cup or two at a time.

Fuding White Pearl - This hand-crafted pearl made from Fujian Province white tea is a little treasure that produces a golden cup with notes of honey, melon, spring flowers, and a touch of sweetness. A single pearl can be brewed in 12oz. of water and produce two cups of tea. It can be re-steeped 1-2 times.

Each December box will contain a present surprise too, so hopefully you've been a good girl or boy this year!

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