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Tea of the Month April 2022: Yerba Mate

April's tea of the month is Yerba Mate. A popular South American herbal drink, the Mate we have selected is the most popular in Argentina and has a bright and citrusy flavor with an earthy note.

Also included in every Tap For Tea April box is a traditional Bombilla which is a filter/straw so you can experience your Mate in style!

Brewing Yerba Mate is an art form with a long history and tradition often beginning with a special cup or bowl made from a gourd. It can be brewed hot or cold, or in-between by beginning with room temperature water and then adding some hot (not boiling) water to the infusion. There are a lot of great videos and guides online, and we recommend learning about the various techniques and preparations, but it can also be brewed similarly to tea with a normal cup or mug without issue.

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Apr 03, 2022

Ooooo I can't wait for this month, that's for sure.

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