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Tea and Coffee of the Month May 2024: Mai Tee Black Tea and Red Honey Dominican Coffee

As we await the June release of Modern Horizons 3 we are going to go old school for May. We will be including one or more vintage or Reserved List box topper singles in every box! We are also going to have some older sealed packs in the mix this month.

May's tea selection is Mai Tee Black Tea (First Flush) - Mai Tea is a farmer collective in Nepal that produces some exceptional teas. The first new buds and leaves of the season are highly prized and called the "First Flush." While this is classified as a black tea, it is a much lighter cup than most traditional black teas and has a bright and fruity profile with notes of apricot.

Our coffee selection is Red Honey Processed Dominican (Light Roast) - The Red Honey process is a natural process of drying and lightly fermenting the beans with the coffee cherry intact. This produces a sweet and fruit-forward cup that is lightly roasted to highlight the special processing. This is a very unique and special coffee, and we are excited to bring it to you!

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