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Tea and Coffee of the Month April 2024: High Mountain Yellow Tea and Haitian Blue Mountain Coffee

Outlaws of Thunder Junction releases on April 19th and is the milestone 100th Magic: the Gathering expansion! April boxes will begin shipping as soon as we reach the official release date. We always enjoy celebrating April Fool's Day, so each April box will contain an additional fun surprise this month!

April's tea and coffee selections are both some of the highest-end we've offered to date!

High Mountain Yellow Tea - This is an extremely rare treat! Produced in very small quantities in early Spring, this tea is often given to dignitaries, royalty, and even Olympians. It is processed between a white and green tea, which creates a light and smooth cup with no bitterness or strong green tea flavors. Don't miss this one!

Haitian Blue Mountain - Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most celebrated and highly valued coffees in the world. It is exceptional, but we believe this Haitian-grown version is even better! Grown using the same varietal, soil conditions, and at the same elevations, this is a low-acid luxuriously smooth and creamy brew with solid nutty notes.

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