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Box Changes Coming in July 2023

Our focus has always been on providing a quality product and value for your money. As we have grown, we need to make a change to our boxes to allow us to continue to grow and scale. Starting in July, we will be removing the 5 singles and replacing them with an additional sealed pack (4 packs for Mythic Boxes and 2 packs for Starter Boxes). Currently we go through over 1,200 Rare/Mythic singles each month. We purchase collections of 4,000-10,000 cards, but after sorting and removing cards below NM/LP condition this can leave us with only 2-3 months worth of usable singles. It is difficult to find and purchase large collections at this pace and unfortunately doesn't scale well for future growth. We will still have a monthly pool of singles that will be randomly inserted into boxes, and this also allows us to include higher-priced cards in the mix. We will also be announcing a new way to add singles to your box that will be fun and exciting while also sustainable. One other small change will be with Draft Repacks. Draft Repacks will now contain cards from one or more sets in each pack. They will still contain fifteen cards: one basic land or token, ten commons, three uncommons, and one rare or mythic rare, perfect for inexpensive drafting or just cracking for fun. These changes will allow us to continue to grow and offer new and exciting options and products well into the future. As always, we truly appreciate your support!

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